USA4USAfrica: The United States of Africa

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Many people have been under the impression that the most recent attemps to form a United States of Africa were the Idea of the late Libyan Leader Ghaddaffi -

The Nephew of Ghadaffi who was editor of the Libyan Newspaper, confided to me Ghadaffi got his USAfrica Idea from our 1997 version of this same "United States of Africa web portal series in it's various incarnation you can see throughout our pages. .

CNN 1st reporter this in 1997 the 1st year after our coalition sites started.

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The USA4USAfrica Coalition was formed in 1996 from an Interview I conducted with Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali at his home in Los Angeles in 1987.

My interview question to him was what historic event did he want to see in his lifetime. He answered that he wanted to see a United States of Africa in his lifetime.

He mentioned how Africa united when he won his title back from George Foreman in Zaire. For a month Africa had open borders as the continent united for the period of his fight.

That momement in time gave him a glimpse of what Africa should eventually be, united as one continental nation.

My mission is to make it happen.
I invite you to join me.

Mark Wood
Founder USA4USAfrica
Est 1996
The United States of Africa is being prevented by "Powers That Be" who promote the fragmentaion of the continent so the various smaller parts can be picked over and manipulated at will.

India, China and Russia in Addition to the United States of America all have interests in the "Mortgage of Africa".

This is the template being put into place so Africa will NEVER unite as the world's largest new nation..

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The United States of Africa will be the World's 1st "Green Super Power".

The Smoke-stack industries that Carbon Pollute the world and recently discussed in Paris will never factor in the USAfrica as they were never fully developed anyway in Africa.

The Solar Array of The Sahara Desert will light the entire continent and provide income to the newly formed national reserves selling the excess power to the Euro, China and India markets.

The generation of Hydro electric power using the world's largest national coastline will provide futher natural energy to power Africa's solar powered continental highways traversing north to south Cairo to Capetown and Accra to Mogudishu going east to west.

Employing all within commuting distance to work site areas of the transcontinental highway that allows for animal migrations and enhances tourist travel throughout the newly formed United States of Africa by worldwide tourists and citizens of the USAfrica discovering their new continental nation.

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We encourage you to make a Daily effort to do "Something" that brings a USAfrica a day or moment closer.

The "African Revolution" will be just as historic as it's cousin, The American Revolution, except "Blood-Less".

A revoultion based on righteousness and common humanity.


The Next African Union Meeting...

To debate and petition and rectify the formation of a United States of Africa as intended at the 2008 AU conference where the Single Item Agenda was the formation of a USAfrica.